Perched on a clifftop, Taormina dominates all around, valleys of almond, olive and cypress trees that sink into the dancing Ionian Sea. On clear days, the view is to Italy’s tip, the peninsula of Calabria, and behind, the looming smoky presence of the majestic volcano, Etna. There you stand with a truly momentous feeling between … Continued

Berlin – Into the Light

Berlin plays havoc with your emotions. The brutalities in its recent history are glaring everywhere. reminders, markers, memorials of the holocaust and the subsequent terror of communism and the stasi, are spread among the stones of this intelligent, thinking city. There’s nothing dumbed down about Berlin. I found myself flipping from fascination to tears  and … Continued


What’s in a name? In the case of Folegandros, history and holiday heaven in equal measure. Folegandros was a son of the great King Minos of Crete. Somehow, down through the years, he gave his name to a little island in the Cyclades — a gem of an outcrop, north-west of fabled Santorini. Most people … Continued