Kate & Wills invited to Diana restaurant


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are invited to a second emotional visit in Princess Diana’s footsteps, following their trip to Paris earlier this month.

Top Venetian restaurateur, Eligio Paties, is officially inviting the Royal couple to visit Venice and dine at the same table Charles and Diana shared 32 years ago. An emotional Paties told how Diana charmed a young waiter by stealing a strawberry from his fruit bowl as he walked past.

Paties, who has hosted the Pope, Hollywood stars and the Duchess of Cornwall said: “This is a great honour for us, there is a tradition of British royals coming to Venice and eating at Do forni.

“I’m involved in an approach to the Palace inviting Prince William, Kate and their children to come to Venice and dine at Do Forni.

“I want to do this because William sat right here, aged three and Harry was a baby. William was well behaved, friendly, and confident as a young child, and obviously very close to his mother.

“Charles is very interested in helping Venice and Prince William is sure to continue his father’s work.

“This is an important year because of Brexit, our Art Bienalle, British artist Damien Hirst’s exhibition opening here. I felt I had waited long enough and it was the right time to make the approach to William to come back and follow in his parents’ footsteps 32 years on.

“We have an exquisite, very secure Palazzo in mind for them owned by a noble family.

“I would very much like William and Kate to sit at the same table where his mother and father sat.

“We feel very emotional about the possibility of their visit, it would be an honour for us. To me it’s a return to 32 years ago. “We are waiting to hear what kind of food they prefer rather than just redoing the same menu his parents had, but it could be that. It demands a perfect organisation.

“We have the third most important wine cellar in Italy worth millions of pounds but at the same time we try to make people feel at home here.”