Lord Jim’s, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Bangkok

Lord Jim’s is the place to go for a long, relaxing, fishy lunch or dinner on the river in Bangkok.
It’s like being under the sea as you walk past fish tanks into the oval, glass room with it’s blue hue. The swirling lines on the carpet and ceiling glimmer like the ripples of waves.
Named after novelist, Joseph Conrad’s, romantic, seafaring hero, the atmosphere is as exciting as turning his gripping pages.
Chefs looking like Kung Fu warriors in black judo outfits and bandanas chop up the mouth-watering sushi and sashimi dishes, and the spread of fish and exotic salads keeps you there all afternoon.
We got up to refill our plates so many times it became rather embarrassing, but luckily there was a great big happy party of 70-year-old ladies celebrating four birthdays who kept going on the lavish deserts even longer than us.
It’s great food but also a lot of fun, and of course it’s wonderful to go through the foyer of the magnificent Mandarin Oriental Hotel and up the sweeping stairs to the restaurant, a special entrance to a memorable meal.