Pitt ‘Back’ with Ange

Friends of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are hopeful the pair could reunite.

Two weeks ago the Sunday People reported they were “getting on better than ever” since their split.

And, in an interview, the superstar actress admitted she was struggling to cope with life as a singleton.

Now, a source has revealed their separation since last year had been a “massive wake-up call”. The source said: “We are all praying this horrible episode in their marriage and lives will blow
over and they’ll come through it a married couple again.

“Angie isn’t good single and isn’t a natural single mother. That’s why she wasn’t alone with Maddox long when she first adopted him. She wanted a father for her children and still does.

“To give Brad his due he’s working so hard on himself.
This has been a massive wake-up call and both of them have come out of it better human beings. Angie wants to get back to work desperately and she will need to alternate with Brad the way they did before, looking after the kids.”

In her interview last week, Angelina, 42, admitted she finds “nothing nice” about her single status. Brad, 53, gave his side of the story two months earlier, revealing he had ditched boozing and smoking pot.

The pair split last September after 12 years.