Reeva… the last pictures

These are the never-before-seen pictures that tragic model Reeva Steenkamp considered to be her “future”.

Taken from her most recent portfolio, the images had been approved just days before she was shot dead by athlete boyfriend Oscar Pistorius.

The photos should have appeared on billboards and other adverts around the world.

Instead, Reeva — who had also just signed up for a South African reality TV show — has become a household name for very different reasons.

The model died after being shot three times in the bathroom of Pistorius’s home on Valentine’s Day.

The Olympian has been charged with her murder but claims he opened fire because he believed an intruder was in the house.

Mentor Jane Celliers — who signed Reeva to her Ice Model Management agency — has revealed the stunning model BARELY KNEW Pistorius before her death, aged 29.

Jane was Reeva’s manager for seven years and says the couple had not spent more than a FORTNIGHT together in total.

She revealed: “Reeva didn’t know Oscar very well and had only seen him for a couple of weeks.


“Yes, they might have met in November but it was a gradual courting — seeing each other every couple of weeks — not every day.

“Reeva took it slowly — it was a handful of times. That’s how new it was. It wasn’t as though she met him and from that minute they were joined at the hip.”

It might have been early days, but a rift had already formed between the pair over Reeva’s reluctance to join “Bladerunner” Pistorius in the celebrity fast-lane.

Jane, 43, said: “She didn’t like the racy life he led and she only agreed to appear in public with him, on the red carpet, twice — the (South Africa) Sports Awards and one other thing.

“He liked all that much more and was pushing her to join him.” Sobbing throughout the interview, Jane says she hopes that Pistorius “rots in hell”.

She said: “We have got to hope that the authorities, the police and everybody concerned handles the case properly and that Oscar gets what is coming to him. Reeva’s family are beyond consoling.

“It’s been very, very hard for them. Oscar has destroyed all of us.”

 And Jane is infuriated by the attitude of Pistorius, who was charged with premeditated murder and released on bail in February.

She said: “He’s whining about having to go to the police station every week, having to do random drug tests, saying he is not a flight risk so surely he can go travelling.

“Where’s his grip on reality? Oscar Pistorius, you are not lying lifeless in a coffin.”

Jane is convinced that Pistorius — who is next due in court on June 4 — is guilty of Reeva’s murder.

But she fears the South African justice system will “mess up” the case. She said: “I believe it will come out what really happened. He is going to pay.

“Reeva wasn’t in the habit of taking her phone to the toilet, so why would she do that in the middle of the night and lock the door?

“If my husband heard a noise he would check where I was first before he started firing.


“Why had Reeva locked it? She could only have been afraid. I just hope it doesn’t mess up like most South African court cases that just get postponed and postponed and postponed. Reeva’s people will eventually need closure.”

Jane first met Oscar when Reeva brought him to her office — and she recalled him being polite and well-mannered.

She said: “I met him here twice. She brought him in to meet us. She told me, ‘I’m going home to cook for my man’ — and it was the beginning of a relationship. She seemed happy. She told me she was just getting to know him.

“He took a step back because this was Reeva’s environment.”

Reeva’s memory is alive in Jane’s office, where the walls are still adorned with images of the model.

“I can’t take her off our wall. I can’t do it just yet,” she said. “When she first came to Johannesburg, I told her we have a strict height requirement and turned her down. But she insisted on seeing me. It was love at first sight.

“Reeva was a happy, warm person. She’d walk in and hug each of us and give us a fresh banana cake she’d baked that morning, make everyone tea and sit chatting.

“Everybody is in such shock because what happened is just something you see in a movie, not what happens on one’s doorstep.

“For me, I still expect her to walk through the door any minute.

“I think it’s a bit easier to think that way — it helps the pain.”

TRAGIC . . . at event with Oscar

Jane helped to organise Reeva’s memorial — held at the house she was living in with best friend Gina Myers and Gina’s parents.

Jane said: “We had the most wonderful service for her.

“We surrounded the place with everything she loved. So there were a lot of her favourite foods and music and obviously all her friends.

“We lit Chinese lanterns and let them float up and let lots of feathers blow away in the breeze because she loved feathers.

“I would just like to keep her flame alive.”