Rocket for Mr Bond

‘Futuristic’ 25th instalment aims to propel 007 into the heavens 

The next 007 movie will be out of this world – literally.

Rumours are that Bond 25 will take the franchise to a whole new level – namely the stratosphere – with a giant space rocket in the mix. And the idea to boldly go futuristic is said to be the brain-child of tycoon Elon Musk. The 46-year-old billionaire tech entrepreneur bought 007’s iconic Lotus Esprit from The Spy Who Loved Me and tried to turn it from a car to a submarine in reality.

A source said: “Bond needs to keep up with the times and will be looking into Elon Musk’s world – spacecrafts, planes that can fly across the earth in an hour, cars turning into submarines. That’s what we need to include now.  Daniel’s stunts are going to move to a new level and have to include things shown in space movies like Interstellar.

“He is involved every step of the way, as he always is, and is bursting with enthusiasm and excitement.”

It has also been reported that Craig wants highly regarded Denis Villeneuve – who was behind thriller Sicario and sci-fi hit Arrival – to direct the next film.

Shooting could take place in South Africa. The movie is set for a November 2019 release.