The Blue Haven Hotel, Tobago

The Blue Haven Hotel in Tobago is a perfect place to stay and soak up the island’s lazy days, lush vegetation and glittering turquoise seas.
It’s stylish, intimate and welcoming – with a perfect palm-fringed beach of soft sand.

Standing on the terrace in a gentle breeze is like being on a fabulous liner out at sea, the waiter with a tray of cocktails, sun on your face, sea stretching all around and a distant horizon.
You can even see the ocean from your shower in the Junior suite, out across the polished mahogany floors and big comfy beds.
I liked to stand in the sun-drenched octagonal foyer under the whirring ceiling fans, looking at the jazzy paintings on the walls.
You can understand why it was the haunt of Hollywood stars like Rita Hayworth in the 50s, and why Princess Margaret chose it for her honeymoon.