Ember Yard

Ember Yard isn’t a yard or even an outside space. But the name evokes a dusty, faraway location with exotic overtones. It’s a secret gem in Soho, immediately atmospheric, drawing you into its dimly lit, romantic ambience. I went with a painter who looks at things more carefully. She liked the earthy, rustic décor, low … Continued

Il Melograno, Puglia

Il Melograno is one of Italy’s hidden treasures in the sun-soaked province of Puglia. The solid white-washed masseria is set around a large square, with giant cacti, glazed urns and ancient olive trees. Furnished with antiques, richly coloured rugs, and valued paintings, it exudes a cool airy elegance. I loved the indoor and outdoor pools, … Continued

True Grace, Candles

True Grace candle makers have perfected the art of creating different seasons in ones living room, whatever the weather outside. Whether it be the Moroccan Rose of spring or delicious Orangery of bright summer sunshine, the candles infuse a room with balmy scents, much more vibrant than the usual ones on the market. It”s a … Continued

Elounda Mare, Crete

This is a hotel that seeps into your psyche and lures you back time and again. Set amidst scented gardens, overlooking the glinting bay of Mirabello, the Elounda Mare is quintessentially romantic. The traditional whitewashed buildings are stylishly furnished with rugs, antiques, and comfortable furniture, and the overall sense is of space and privacy. It’s … Continued