Fears Russian soldiers are eating dogs and cats spark Ukraine pets rescue effort

Charities launch rescue operation to save dogs and cats from Ukraine warzone and re-home them in Poland as reports claim starving Russian fighters ‘eat animals’

A huge effort is under way to rescue thousands of pets from Ukraine – amid reports starving Russian soldiers have resorted to eating cats, dogs and rabbits.

In one shelter in Krakow, Poland, 120 rescued dogs are waiting to be re-homed.

Iga Glazewska, Poland director for Humane Society International, said: “At the Polish/Ukraine reception points we’re continuing to see people arriving with their canine or cat companions in their arms or riding along in their backpacks.

“These people have run for their lives, taking only the most precious things they have, and that includes beloved pets.

“We’ve seen a lot of hungry, fatigued and bewildered animals. We’re providing food and supplies to make the onward journey more comfortable.”

One of dozens of rescued dogs in Poland (Image: Tom Maddick / SWNS)

Disaster response expert Kelly Donithan, who flew over from the US to help, said: “A lot of people can’t transport their animals so we are doing what we can to help.

“We know a lot of animals are in a desperate situation, especially in eastern Ukraine.”

Two vets in Odesa have refused to leave the city and are working round-the-clock rescuing animals trapped in homes.

A refugee from Ukraine arrives in Poland with her two dogs (Image: ©Humane Society)

Leonid Stoynov, 36, and wife Valentina 28, have almost 100 animals, including a monkey, 30 dogs, cats, rabbits, lizards and snakes.

Leonid said: “We bash down doors because owners message us begging us to help.

“We send them photos when their pets are safe.”

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