‘DISGRACE’: No Border virus checks

Thousands arriving from variant-hit South Africa walk out airport unchecked. THE lack of border Covid checks were branded a “disgrace” yesterday when a traveller from South Africa entered unchallenged. The passenger got through Heathrow in just 10 minutes,  only 20 hours after leaving South Africa, where a mutant variant is running rife. Sharon Feinstein had all … Continued

BORDER FARCE Air passenger from South Africa reveals she walked through Heathrow in 10 minutes with NO checks despite mutant strain

WATCH CLIP A PASSENGER travelling from South Africa has revealed that she walked through Heathrow airport in 10 minutes with NO checks. Sharon Feinstein, from Islington, North London, claims she went through the terminal with no questions asked, despite flying from Johannesburg – where the mutant Covid strain is rife. The traveller landed in London Heathrow yesterday after … Continued

I guarded Knox for two years – and she never talked about Meredith… or cried. She was like an Ice Queen

The Mail on Sunday – Sunday, May 5, 2013   By Sharon Feinstein Her prison hell memoir, first revealed by the MoS, is enthralling America. But, says her jailer, it is not the full story… It was a composed and polished Amanda Knox who last week appeared on prime time American television to publicise her … Continued

I never thought my Amy would live beyond 30 – ‘She was so bored with life’, says Janis Winehouse

By SHARON FEINSTEIN 3rd July 2013 THIS is the summer Amy Winehouse should have been throwing a party like no other to celebrate her 30th birthday. Instead, her grieving family are preparing to face the second anniversary of the tragic singer’s untimely death. Heartbreakingly, mum Janis insists it is no surprise her daughter is no … Continued

Rock on, Freddie

Sharon Feinstein, Sunday Magazine (May 1985) As thousands of adoring fans flock to buy his first solo album this week, Freddie Mercury tells of the one thing that all his success and all his millions can’t ever buy…Sharon Feinstein reports Freddie Mercury, the outrageous front-man of superband Queen, is addicted to his phenomenal success, but … Continued

Achtung Baybee

FEW rock stars create a buzz quite like Bono and now he is set to take it to a whole new level – by keeping his own bees. The U2 singer and his wife Ali Hewson want to become self-sufficient by producing honey and growing fruit and veg at home in Co Dublin. On a … Continued